One of the most sought-after formats of decoration from Diana. The length of this product allows you to wrap the beads in three rows around the neck; then you’ll get a necklace. You can and in two rows – it’s a classic version. You can put on two different threads at once and create a unique pattern. You can also wear them at full length or tie them in a knot, which goes well with a blouse or shirt. Choose the option that suits your current image.


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  • Necklace “Celebrity”

    Награда: 1800 Самоцветов

    Celebrity necklace with an updated design, made of praseolite and lemon quartz. We decided to replay the design of one of the most popular sets of last year. I hope you enjoy it! These necklace are quite solemn! If you need to decorate a white, black, blue, wine or turquoise dress, pay attention to it.

  • Long necklace “Moon”

    Награда: 450 Самоцветов

    Beads “Moon” with an updated design, made of labradorite, rauchtopaz and cat’s eye.
    Vogue named the 30 main trends of year.
    One of them is ultra-deep cuts on dresses and shirts. But this shape of the cutout must be emphasized, and it can only be supplemented with long beads or a tie!

  • Long necklace “Christmas”

    Награда: 750 Самоцветов

    Long necklace “Christmas” – beautiful colors of heliotis will decorate your outfit.

  • Long necklace “Helvetia”

    Награда: 690 Самоцветов

    Rope necklace “Helvetia” are made of African jasper, garnet, quartz, tourmaline and pearls.

  • Necklace “Harlequin”

    Награда: 450 Самоцветов

    Harlequin set of lava, pearl, quartz and agate.

    The view of the lava resembles a lunar landscape. This is the highlight.
    I can’t believe it, but this beauty is born in the fire, and history is estimated in millennia!

  • Necklace “New Years”

    Награда: 480 Самоцветов

    New Years set is made of rock crystal, pearls and lava.