Diana Savitskaya's bracelets are represented in this category. Here you can find both classic one-row bracelets and exclusive, produced separately from the main collection in small series.


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  • Bracelet “Celebrity”

    Награда: 750 Самоцветов

    Celebrity set with an updated design, made of praseolite and lemon quartz. We decided to replay the design of one of the most popular sets of last year. I hope you enjoy it! These necklace are quite solemn! If you need to decorate a white, black, blue, wine or turquoise dress, pay attention to it.

  • Bracelet “Ocean”

    Награда: 330 Самоцветов

    Made of agate, apatite, pearl and quartz. Put on the best dress and look at your reflection in the mirror, and then try on this jewelry and you will see how the image is transformed. This bright color seems quite catchy, but after trying it on, it seems quite universal! Write to us, under what color scale would you wear it?

  • Bracelet “Green Ice”

    Награда: 850 Самоцветов

    Exclusive New! Introducing the stunning fluorite, agate and smoky quartz kit called Green Ice! Only 15 sets. Already now you can reserve a set for yourself!

  • Bracelet “Burgundy”

    Награда: 320 Самоцветов

    Burgundy bracelet from tourmaline and pearls.
    We have not had such a gentle shade of tourmaline as in the Burgundy set. ?
    Now is the season of transformation and this decoration is perfect for any of the spring looks.
    Try on and feel how your image will be transformed! ?

  • Bracelet “Galatea”

    Награда: 250 Самоцветов

    Bracelet “Galatea” made of pomegranate, cat’s eye and pearls.
    Another novelty appeared in our stores.
    This sensual set will surely win your heart.
    It looks tender, but at the same time quite solemn.

  • Bracelet “Moon”

    Награда: 190 Самоцветов

    Bracelet “Moon” with an updated design, made of labradorite, rauchtopaz and cat’s eye.

  • Gift set “Сyclamen”

    Награда: 190 Самоцветов

    Made of quartz,magnesite and nacre. Set includes necklace, bracelet and box.

  • Gift set “Peony”

    Награда: 190 Самоцветов

    This gift set made of quartz and mother of pearl stone. Set includes necklace,bracelet and gift box.

  • Gift set “Narcissus”

    Награда: 190 Самоцветов

    This set is made of jasper . Did you know that jasper is the stone of those born in March? It is considered a reminder of the fresh colors of awakening nature in spring.