Here is a variety of designs of the brand Diana Savitskaya.
Lush, multi-layered, with large stones or vice versa – with a complex pattern of dozens of types of stones and inserts. Each season Diana creates unusual decorations so that you can pick up a worthy piece of jewelry.


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  • Necklace “Ocean”

    Награда: 670 Самоцветов

    Made of agate, apatite, pearl and quartz. Put on the best dress and look at your reflection in the mirror, and then try on this jewelry and you will see how the image is transformed. This bright color seems quite catchy, but after trying it on, it seems quite universal! Write to us, under what color scale would you wear it?

  • Necklace “Burgundy”

    Награда: 950 Самоцветов

    Burgundy necklace from tourmaline and pearls.
    We have not had such a gentle shade of tourmaline as in the Burgundy set. 😍
    Now is the season of transformation and this decoration is perfect for any of the spring looks, whether it be a shirt with jeans under a coat or a delicate dress with a strict raincoat.
    Try on and feel how your image will be transformed! 🌸

  • Necklace “Mojito”

    Награда: 1500 Самоцветов

    Mojito set from chrysoprase.  One of the most juicy sets presented in our stores. It will emphasize the airy summer looks.

  • Necklace “Flamingo”

    Награда: 1500 Самоцветов

    Flamingo necklace from delicate pink opal and rose quartz. The most delicate shades of stones in one necklace.